Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gift Giving is for Every Occasion

Whether you’re giving a gift or receiving one, it’s all about the wrapping. Gift bags are a fun, creative way to dress up gifts and make them extra special. For any occasion and for any size or shape gift, gifts bags take the hassle of wrapping.

Making your gift look special is important and is easy with FLOMO products. We have a vast array of exciting bags, tissue paper and ribbons to dress up gifts perfectly all year round.

Fall is becoming the new season for weddings and at FLOMO we have gift bags that fit every bride and groom. Make their memories special with our selection of photo printed gift bags. Our grey tuxedo bag that comes along in this package is perfect for a groom or groomsmen gifts. If you’re looking for options to fit a specific color choose from the many solid color bags we carry.

Make the option available for customers who would like to reuse their gift bags with our mesh bags available in two colors.Shoppers will be able to go green with these reusable mesh totes that can be used for shopping or gift giving.

Of course, the number one gift giving opportunity that comes along all year long is a birthday gift. At FLOMO we have unlimited birthday gift bags to choose from. Each bag is more colorful and fun than the last. Once you have the perfect set of birthday gift bags to stock the shelves finding matching tissue paper is next.

Whether it is solid color tissue, or decorated for Valentine’s Day or a baby shower FLOMO has it.
Stock up on each of our unique and fun gift bags for any occasion with countless  options to choose from. Coming up is the perfect opportunity to do so at our New Year, New Savings show, January 4-6, 2012. Visit our site for more details and register today!

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