Monday, October 24, 2011

Capturing Life's Memories

What is more important than preserving family memories? At FLOMO we carry endless options to choose from of fun, themed and collage style picture frames. Perfect for gifts or to place around the house we have the right picture frames to fit every shoppers needs. With the holiday season just around the corner you will not want to miss out on stocking up.

Our collage frames are perfect to document a family vacation or outing. With six total picture spots to choose from there is enough to share every family event. The frames come in three different colors and can hang just about anywhere. As we carry several different varieties of these collage frames we have something to fit every household’s needs. The cubic-4-frame is perfect for table-side viewing and could be used at a get together to show off a graduation or baby shower. The cubic 4 frames come in black and white colors and would be perfect for either occasion.

While our collage frames are versatile for documenting events or keeping pictures together our baby themed frames are specific to your shoppers needs. They will be able to let their family and friends know about all the important milestones in their babies life-like, taking their first step or showing their first smile.

As important as family milestones are to picture and display it can sometimes be the fun and sporadic moments in life that capture the best pictures. FLOMO has plenty of novelty frames to choose from that customers will be able to put their most valued memories in. Allow them to show their patriotism or trip to NYC with our statue of liberty novelty frame. This unique picture frame puts the picture in the middle of the statue of liberty, perfect for Fourth of July pictures or pictures from a trip to New York.

Visit our website for even more picture and document frames to choose from!

This is just a small sampling of all the useful products we carry. By visiting our website is the best way to see how many options we have. There you will be able to click through and browse our endless supply of party goods and favors, along with many other household items. Spend some time there and let us know if we can put you in contact with a representative!

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