Monday, October 26, 2009

Item of the Week
October 26-November 1

Ruby Red Christmas Stocking

Item # XO5030
This popular Christmas stocking comes in a nice big size to fit all those small goody gifts by the tree. With a vibrant ruby red color on the stocking and velvety soft white fur trim, this stocking has all the right details. Aside from the appearance and good quality, it’s at an affordable price. So pick up this Item of the Week while quantities last.

Matching Accessory:

Red/White Fur Christmas Hat
Item # XO5029
Pair the Christmas stocking with the matching Jolly Santa Hat.
Hat fits most heads.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Item of the Week

Check out this year’s #1 Christmas Boxed Card

Christmas Boxed Cards are a convenient and cost-effective solution for those who will be mailing out many Christmas wishes to friends and family this year. They’re a consumer favorite and with Santa almost here, now’s the time to stock up! A package of about 15 – 20 makes it easy for any family not to forget anyone special on their Christmas card list.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

‘Tis the Most
Card-Giving Time of the Year!

According to a study done by the U.S. Census Bureau, Christmas is the biggest holiday for card-sending. Friends and loved ones will send an average of 1.9 billion card greetings – that’s more than Valentines Day and Mother’s Day combined! So how does a retailer prepare for this mass card-giving market?? We suggest that it’s all in variety, quality, and price.

Have a large variety of styles.

Who wants to send out the same kind of boxed cards as everyone else? People like to find styles that match their personality and that won’t be given out by everyone else. This is where the importance of wide variety comes in.
  • From the classical Santa and traditional winter scenes, to a jolly old cartoon Snowman, it pays to have a diverse selection.
  • Unique sizes and shapes are also important. Customers may want to slip in some family photos into each card so you’ll need to supply a variety of sizes.
  • Don’t just have “Merry Christmas”! Keep a selection of generic winter cards, Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, and Kwanzaa cards. Sometimes we don’t always know what our recipient celebrates, so customers tend to buy a batch of plain cards along with their regular holiday ones.

Good quality brings comfort.

Not only does good quality boxed cards reflect positively on your store but it reflects on your customers as well. For every boxed cards package you sell are a group of friends and family members who will open them and display for all to see. The cards will be admired all season long, so give your customers a great beautiful selection they can be proud of.
  • Good quality means it’s made from durable paper thickness that has a clean appearance and smooth texture.
  • Quality also lies in all the special features and effects. Glitter, pop layers, metallic features, and handmade details make a stunning statement.

You can get more than what you pay for.

In this stressful economy more and more consumers are cutting corners on their bills and saving every chance they can get. Value priced boxed cards at a discount will sell fast.
  • Find a wholesaler who is going to offer great quality cards at a low price.
  • Make sure you get the right quantity of cards for your money. The more cards in a box the better.
  • The higher you mark up your merchandise the harder it will become to sell in this economy. Offering great quality at a low price will turn every first-time buyer into a lifetime buyer.

We hope all these Christmas card tips help since they will most likely be one of the most popular items you’ll sell this season.

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