Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Set Up the Perfect Valentine's Day Table

Are you wondering what to do for that special someone for Valentines Day? How about hosting an unforgettable romantic dinner for two! Below you will find FLOMO’s easy steps to creating a beautiful and romantic dinner table setting for two using all affordable FLOMO brand products.
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Turning an Ordinary Table into a Blissful Dining Location:
Getting Started:
  • Have your table and chairs set-up in an airy space.
  • Make sure the area is well-lit (bright enough to see your food on the plate, but dim enough to set a calming atmosphere)

Follow These Easy Steps for Decorating Your Table
1. Place a table cover over your table. We suggest white because it offers a clean surface and allows other colorful items to stand out better.

2. Take an artificial rose vine and drape it around the edges of the table. Use tape, a stapler, or clips to attach it around your table cover.

3. Choose two colors of tissue paper. We suggest pairing Valentine favorites, like pinks and reds. Place a stack of the light color tissue paper in the center of the table. Then, place a stack of the darker color tissue paper on top of it in the opposite direction.

4. Create a beautiful focal point with a centerpiece! It can be anything from an arrangement of flowers in a vase to an assortment candle sticks. For a unique, fun, and simple idea -place a tall vase in the center of the table and arrange a roses bouquet, a bow, and heart decorations coming out of it.

5. Give your table depth by adding two shorter or taller (depending on the height of your centerpiece) decorative pieces on both sides of the centerpiece. We suggest flower pots.

6. To get the sparks flying between you and your dining partner, place some votive or tea light candle holders around your table.

7. In front of each seat, place your matching plates, cups, and cutlery.

8. Place a small decorative heart shape box on each plate to fill with a special surprise (whether it be chocolates or a piece of jewelry)!

9. Create a formal dining experience and place folded napkins in your drinking glasses. It’s quick and easy, here’s how to do it: Lay one napkin flat, starting from one corner, fold it over back and forth to create creases. Then, fan it out and place it inside your glass.

10. Add something special. A great party favor or sweet
gift idea is to fill up take out boxes with chocolate or candies.

11. Add your own personal touch by adding a picture of you and that special someone on the table. We suggest heart shaped ceramic photo frames for adding a delicate touch.

12. Sprinkle some rose petals
around your table to give an exotic finishing touch.

After your partner sees the gorgeous dinner table you’ve decorated, the both of you are sure to be happily ever after!

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