Friday, February 5, 2010

FLOMO/Nygala Corp. Introduces a Splendid New Fund Raising Brand for Schools

Splendid by Nygala is the premiere fund raising brand owned and operated by FLOMO/Nygala Corporation and represented by the LVJ Marketing Group. Together, the nationwide duo has over 30 years experience in all phases of the fund raising industry and over 20 years experience manufacturing and distributing wholesale merchandise. Splendid by Nygala is a new line of great quality and value priced gifts, novelty, household items, gift wrapping accessories, mugs, kid’s toys, and more for school gift fairs and catalogs/brochures.

The Holiday Shopping Corner

The Holiday Shopping Corner is a division of Splendid by Nygala, supplying a delightful variety of holiday gifts for young students to shop in school. Our trendy selection encourages smart buying at reasonable prices. The collection includes plush stuffed animals, photo frames, mugs, special message plaques, ceramics, jewelry, pens, memo pads, toys, and more.

The Holiday Shopping Corner is a magical place where children can find wonderful treasures to give to their friends and family. Youngsters can explore rows and rows of unique items sure to put a sparkle in the eye of whoever receives them. While students learn to shop for gifts all on their own, they also learn the importance of quality and price because of the wonderful quality and affordable standards of Splendid by Nygala products.


Turn the page to high definition images, great quality you can see, and vibrant colors and designs. Splendid by Nygala is ready to dazzle your Spring, Fall, and holiday fund raising catalogs with a wide variety of exceptional gifts, gift wrapping, ceramics, mugs, decorations, stationery, plush toys, household items, photo frames, and more. With over 100 unique items to choose from, schools will be able to raise the funds they need and greatly satisfy all their supporters with exceptional merchandise. Our boxed items have sophisticated packaging and all of our delicate items are packed carefully and secure.
Splendid by Nygala is unlike any other fundraising brand in the industry.
Here’s why:

  • To us, quality is so important. Our products are tested to make sure they meet your expectations and beyond.
  • All our products are put through strict safety tests and conform to all major safety protocols and standards.
  • Get more bang for your buck! Our items are sold at bargain prices so schools are able to raise more funds than ever before.
  • You can rely on us. Our excellent financial resources keep us dependable upon shipments and inventory.
  • We’re pro’s with over 20 years experience. We are a constantly growing company who has made their mark in the supplier/distributor wholesale industry.

Splendid by Nygala supports and is a proud member of the
Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers

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Splendid by Nygala, owned and operated by FLOMO/Nygala Corp., is a fund raising brand for school gift fairs and catalogs/brochures. FLOMO/Nygala Corp. has over 20 years experience manufacturing & distributing seasonal and everyday wholesale merchandise all over the U.S., Canada, and South America.

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