Monday, October 24, 2011

From! FLOMO is a Proud Sponsor of the Girl Scouts at Eco Trek 2011

By: Melinda Clarke
Parsippany Patch Editor: Natalie Davis

Wendy Shen, president of FLOMO, the leading brand of party items and accessories, showed her support for the Girl Scouts at the Eco Trek 2011 event on Saturday October 15th in Rickabear Lake, NJ. The Eco Trek event involves the Girl Scouts setting up tables of green products and presentations that they have worked on. Tables include games, eco living tips, recycling and science projects. FLOMO employed three Girl Scout interns this past year that spent time developing and designing three tables and booths that were presented at the event. FLOMO is extremely environmentally conscious and that is why they were so happy and supportive of this event. FLOMO supports the Eco Trek 2011 because they believe in the empowerment of young women and the importance of taking care of the environment. For more information about FLOMO, their products and continued support of the Girl Scouts visit them at

FLOMO, owned and operated by Nygala Corporation, is a major national wholesale brand found in stores across the United States, the Caribbean islands and Central & South America. Nygala Corp's mass market distribution includes discount stores, party stores, drugstores, chain stores, supermarkets and also catalog companies.

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