Thursday, October 6, 2011

Be Prepared at School and in the Office for this Year and Next

Office and school supplies are a must have on every one’s list all year round. At FLOMO we are regularly stocked with office and school supplies that are not only handy everyday items but also are fun and unique as well. 
Shoppers will be able to personalize their desk space with our Alphabet self-stick notes. These self-stick notes are a fun way to liven up the shelves and are available in four different neon colors. Friends and family will be dying to know where such an unique item came from!  FLOMO also carries traditional self-stick notes that come in packages of three, all with varying color options. 

  Every office and school desk should be complete with a handy calculator to help work out the day’s minor problems. There are several options to choose from at FLOMO, whether it be our translucent calculator or our trendy solar calculator. While our translucent options come in come in three traditional colors, our trendy calculators are a bit more distinctive with bright colors and rubber grip edges.

Shoppers will not be able to let their children start another term at school without knowing their kids personal belongings tucked safe away in their lockers. Make sure your shoppers will have the option to find that security with our strong and safe combination locks. Kids won’t be able to complain about style, as they come in three different combination colors that will be sure to fit every growing personality.

Don’t let the year pass by without being prepared with FLOMO Products. FLOMO has many other school and office items to choose from, all of which are available on our website at We have also have a convenient catalog that can be sent right to your door. If you would like to find out more information click here to get in touch with a representative.

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