Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY: Decoupage Halloween Lanterns - FLOMO/Nygala Corp.

Halloween is a great opportunity to let your creativity light up! In this edition of Step-By-Step, Lynn takes us through the steps to make a fun and festive project: Decoupage Lanterns.

As easy as they are attractive, follow this step by step guide to decorating your home with this spooky project.

You will need the following items: 
1/2" Wide Paintbrush
Medium or Large sized Jar or Jug
1. In a bowl, mix glue and 1/3 parts water.
2. Stir with your brush and add more glue for a pasty consistency. 
3. Right out of the package, cut three 1" thick strips of tissue paper.
4. Place one of your strips against the jar, and brush on glue. 
5. Repeat process until entire jar is covered. 
6. Use a black marker to make the face of your creature.
7. Insert your illumination device into your jar or jug.

TIP! Don't be discouraged by ripped tissue paper. Just patch over with more paper!

If you are using a glass jar, you can keep the top open and use small tea light candles for a moving glow effect. If your jar or jug is plastic, DO NOT USE USE A CANDLE. This could cause your jar to melt and may start a fire. Simply use string lights instead for a more constant glowing effect. 

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