Friday, April 13, 2012

Step by Step with FLOMO: Mother's Day Mug Bouquet- FLOMO/Nygala Corp.

Did you know that you can combine just a few FLOMO products to craft special and personal gifts for your loved ones. Follow the steps above and read along below to make your very own Mother's Day Mug!

Items Required:

-Mug #MO22
-Artificial Flowers #FLB353
-Shrink Wrap Bag #CB5102
-All Occasion Gift Tag #CA675
-Scissors #MG2786
-Transparent Clear Tape #MG2751
-Cube if Floral Foam
-Blow Dryer

Step 1) Place your cube of foam into the mug

Step 2) Using your stem, push up the leaves on your flower bush

Step 3) Bend your stem base in half, then insert into the foam cube

Step 4) Adjust your flowers once more to make bouquet appear full

Step 5) Cut the edges from your Shrink Wrap Bag. This will separate the bag into two sheets.

Step 6) Place your mug in the center of the shrink wrap

Step 7) Gather shrink wrap up and tape together by mug's rim

Step 8) Blow dry until film is tight and firm

Step 9) Cut excess film from the top of your bouquet

Step 10) Write a personalized message on your gift tag

And that is it! Quick, easy and affordable in just 10 steps. Stay tuned next month for our next Step by Step with FLOMO.

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