Friday, August 13, 2010

FLOMO Has the Supplies to Help Prepare for Back to School!

It’s that time of year again! As summer comes to a close and that date marked on the calendar “First day of School” nears, it is necessary to prepare for another fun-filled school year. What better way is there to stock up on all the latest and greatest school supplies than to visit your local discount or dollar store where FLOMO products are easy to find on the shelves.

Whether entering Kindergarten or High School, FLOMO products meet all grades’ supply list requirements. With some FLOMO stationery must-haves below, your child will be ready to dive into another school year full of new friends, great experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Writing Utensils
Seen as the most important on the school supplies list, FLOMO has a wide variety of writing utensils that will meet the need of all school children. From coloring projects to jotting down notes, preparing your child with these items will allow them to be confident in their various assignments.

There are plenty of options to choose from when picking out writing materials, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. FLOMO carries a large assortment of designs from funky and fun to sleek and sophisticated. Writing utensils come in all sizes as well, including mini pens, pencils, and highlighters that are easy to store, some even attaching to key rings. This list is just some of FLOMO’s writing basics that will keep kids set for school.

· NO .2 pencils
· Mechanical pencils
· Ballpoint pens
· Highlighters
· Crayons
· Markers
· Colored Pencils
· Pencil Grips
· Erasers (both big, and small!)
· Correction Fluid

Notebooks & Paper Products
Now that you’re stocked with all the writing utensils, you need supplies to write on! FLOMO is your one-stop-shop for all your note-taking gear to keep up in all the school subjects. FLOMO supplies stores with all the basics for all ages. Notebooks come in great colors and patterns or pleasing solids that are perfect for school children or adults at the office. Binders, filler paper, and folders help you stay organized while looking good. Color coordinating is a great tip that will keep you from rummaging through desks and lockers for long.

The following list has broken down suggested supplies into age groups so you know what’s perfect for your each type of classroom!

Elementary School
· Primary Writing Tablet
· Composition Pads
· Construction Paper
· Pocket Folder

Middle School
· 1 Subject Notebooks
· 5 Subject Notebooks
· Pocket Folders
· Composition Notebook Pads

High School
· Binders
· Filler Paper
· 3 x 5” Index Cards
· Expanding Document Case/ Accordion Folder

After covering all the basics, it is time to invest in some neat tools. These items are perfect for in the desk and at home to tackle projects and keep assignments looking sharp. FLOMO has stationary gadgets of all kinds, from the basic ruler to multitasking or mini sets. All our cool tools will be sure to wow people from school aged all the way through adulthood. Pick up some of these simple stuff and prepare to be pleased!

Some miscellaneous supplies in the list bellow will prepare students for just about anything teachers may send their way.

· Ruler
· Pencil Sharpener
· Scissors (both safety, and regular!)
· Stapler
· Multi-Purpose Glue
· Glue Stick
· Tape
· Paper Clips
· Self-Stick Notes
· Calculator
· Combination Lock
· Locker Mirror

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