Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FLOMO Visits Summer Camp in New Jersey to Support Eco Awareness with the Help of Girl Scouts Interns

On July 16, 2010, several FLOMO representatives visited Brainyak Summer Camp in Paramus, New Jersey for an eco-friendly event. While there, FLOMO representatives, gave students free goodie bags filled with FLOMO stationery products and presented information to the children and parents about an extremely important topic, the dangers of PVC.

Today, many products – specifically erasers - are made with the harmful chemical, polyvinyl chloride, PVC, which is known to be harmful to the ecosystem and the health of children and adults. PVC can cause serious illness including developmental problems in children and immune system damage. The new FLOMO Eco Eraser is a great quality eraser that contains no PVC’s, making it eco-friendly and a healthier alternative for the person using it. It is also latex-free, non-toxic, has recyclable packaging, and is easy to use.

The entire presentation, goodie bags, and pamphlets were created and organized by FLOMO employees and current FLOMO interns who have been chosen out of the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey. Together the team brainstormed to find ways to make the goodie bags appealing to the kids, interest the parents, and most importantly, showcase the Eco Eraser. The interns were able to put their unique talents and what they learned in Girl Scouts together to create fun goodie bags that included free stationery products, informative pamphlets about the PVC’s, a detachable survey to review the FLOMO company, a coloring sheet with the “Eco Eraser Super Hero”, and an Egg with a decorated, hidden Eco Eraser inside.

Overall, the event was a great success. The children enjoyed their gifts and were enthusiastic about the products. The parents too were interested in FLOMO and had questions and a desire to learn more about the company and the environmentally friendly Eco Eraser. FLOMO enjoyed the experience and plans to hold more events like this in schools and community activities similar to Brainyak Camp, all around New Jersey.

Features of the Eco Eraser:

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