Friday, August 14, 2009

You Came, You Saw,
We Conquered Together!

People were never so happy in sweltering 110 degree heat, than when they saw FLOMO at the ASD/AMD Merchandise Show in Las Vegas! Savvy wholesale shoppers were relieved and smiling when greeted by FLOMO’s fabulous couple, Flo and Mo. Suited in classy attire, Flo and Mo handed out free eco-friendly & reusable FLOMO travel bags that you can spot everywhere from the beach, school and shopping malls, to your local gym.

Customers from far and wide were lining up to take photos with the dynamic duo. Covering Flo’s blue satin dress were FLOMO ribbons, bows, garland, and more. Mo’s top hat was covered in FLOMO stationery products, and his tuxedo pants were lined with sleek FLOMO ribbon.
The FLOMO team was excited to service all of their many new international customers and devoted nationwide clients. We are pleased to announce over a hundred major orders were made between August 9-12th.

Missed the show? It’s never too late to grab FLOMO deals because we have showrooms and sales reps all over the country. Whether your company is large or small, we have the resources and extremely large inventory to get your shelves moving.

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