Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hats Off to the
ASD/AMD Merchandise Show in Vegas

FLOMO got crafty with some of their arts & crafts products and made a fun & funky hat for the ASD/AMD Merchandise Show going on now. A tall and handsome young model will be strutting around and tipping his hat while he greets all the guests who enter the show. Whether it’s scissors, ribbon, markers, pencil sharpeners, or pens you’re looking for, you’ll see FLOMO clearly has it. If you like the hat, well wait till you see what we did with his suit!

FLOMO is a major national brand of quality gift bags, accessories, photo frames, ceramic gifts, plush items, bows, ribbons, school supplies and more. FLOMO can be found in stores across the U.S., including mass market, discount stores, party stores, dollar stores, drugstores, supermarkets, and also catalog companies.

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