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FLOMO CEO Featured in Diversity Journal Magazine Article – May/June 2012 Issue

Asian-Pacific American Heritage: More Than a “Model Minority”

FLOMO was proud to have their CEO featured in a special article in Diversity Journal magazine  that recognized the obstacles and triumphs of successful Asian-Pacific American Heritage leaders. Wendy Shen, President & CEO, shared the inspiration her father gave her while she watched him run his own manufacturing business, “The lessons he taught me in business, coupled with the enjoyment I got out of coaching people and being creative, gave me the experience and power to make my own business dream a reality.” CLICK HERE to read more of the article, Asian-Pacific American Heritage: More Than a “Model Minority”.

The article, written by Grace Austin, discusses Asian-Americans in small business, Asian-American women in business and the special woman’s groups that have helped them, challenges of starting a business as an immigrant, stereotypes, and the future for Asian and Pacific Americans.

Among the influential Asian-Pacific Americans mentioned were, fashion designer Vera Wang, NBA sensation Jeremy Lin, Sourcing Integration Leader of GE Oil & Gas Ken Dao, journalist Connie Chung, Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, and many more.

Wendy Shen tells her diverse group of employees that being a minority helped her and has some words of wisdom to the younger generation (not quoted from article), “I would like the young Asian/Pacific-American people to know they should be proud of themselves. We speak multiple languages and ultilize our knowledge, know-how, and talent to bring in products and services from Asia to the USA and back to Asia. Also, young Asian/Pacific-American people should not forget their own Asian languages because they will be very helpful to them some day in their business.”

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