Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FLOMO President/CEO Motivates with Article Published on DiversityJournal.com, “How a CEO Can Keep a Positive Work Environment”

Many employees at FLOMO®/Nygala Corp. say the company is very positive in its leadership practices and the President/CEO gives a glimpse of that with her recently released article that was published January 6, 2012 on DiversityJournal.com. The quick-step guide for how a CEO can keep a positive work environment has 9 motivational tips. Much of the article demonstrates the importance of CEO’s or leaders having good relationships with their employees and helping people, for example “The more you contribute to other people’s futures, the more you can learn about your own too. You will feel positive and accomplished when you see how you can make a big difference in someone else’s life.”

One word of advice the FLOMO President/CEO gives that anyone (CEO or not) may benefit from, “I walk into work every day with a genuine smile because each day I strive to make it my “Best Day” and I want to encourage that same way of thinking in my employees so we can succeed together. Your “Best Day” is the day you finish all your pending jobs, you save the company money, make a huge sale, you get rewarded for something great you’ve done, etc. Everyone’s “Best Day” is different. If you are living out your “Best Day” every day—how can you not stay positive?”

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