Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FLOMO 2012 Retail Tips for Small to Large Businesses

1.    Smile! Encourage a delightful experience when customers visit your store by having all cashiers, greeters, and store employees smile and welcome the customers. Smiling is contagious and your customers are more likely to return to shop for more in such a pleasant environment.

2.    Be creative and think off the shelf. Experiment with new ways to display merchandise and ways to attract customers into your store. Times are changing and refreshing your store will give it a boost in the New Year.

3.    Know your customers. Build good relationships with customers so you can know what products they prefer. When you can cater to their needs it shows you care about your customer and you’ll have what they want when they need it.

4.    Be social! Pretty much everyone has a profile on a social network and you can network with existing and potential customers from your area by creating free accounts and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It encourages interaction with your customers.

5.    Choose the right merchandise with the best turnover. Don’t just focus on your profit per piece, it is better to think of your total profit overall. The more you can turn over your merchandise, the more profit you can make. The merchandise that will turn over the most is the product your customers buy the most.

6.    Get involved in community events and activities. You will not only feel good about helping out, but people in your community will remember your good deeds and look to give you business next time they are shopping for something you sell. Part of being that great neighborhood store is being a great neighbor.

FLOMO® wishes all small to large retailers good fortune and success for 2012 and hopes these retail tips can help open the door to more profits.

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