Monday, November 7, 2011

'Tis The Season!

The holiday season is upon us and now is the time your shoppers will be looking for tons of party ware! FLOMO is the perfect spot to stock up on cutlery, tablecloths, plates, napkins and much more. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or any holiday this season, FLOMO has exactly what shoppers are looking for. 
Thanksgiving is less than a month away; make sure that you’re prepared for the copious dinners on everyone’s table this year. At FLOMO we have festive table decorations to make for the perfect setting. Something different that is a perfect touch for a table is our place settings. Shoppers can organize their Thanksgiving dinner perfectly with these. They come in 6 different styles each fitting to the festive, Thanksgiving look.  For all of our Thanksgiving table settings check out our Thanksgiving section of our website. For tips on how to decorate watch our Thanksgiving table decorating video.
It is always surprising how quickly Hanukkah and Christmas spring up right after Thanksgiving. Don’t waste any time being ready! An item we carry that is perfect underneath a nativity scene or simply as a table covering is our flannel tablecloths. They come in 4 different patterns that match all holiday decorations. 

Shoppers will be able to make wrapping their Hanukkah gifts this year gorgeous with our blue and white holiday wire edge ribbon. It will give just the right amount of sparkle to the gift and make each wrapping unique. Across from the gift table the snack table will also sparkle with matching cutlery colors. Check out our cutlery sections of our website to find exactly what you’re looking for, for festive holiday parties.

There are endless holiday items to choose from that shoppers can mix and match to decorate or for gifts. Visit our website for pictures, products numbers and availability!

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I love the greeting cards designs. I like how they’re open-ended enough that you can use them for lots of different messages. What does the inside look like? Is it just blank? Lots of cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!