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Plan Your Own Monster Mash with FLOMO!

As the leaves begin to change colors and the breeze becomes cooler, everyone is getting in the groove of participating in their favorite fall activities. Whether that be apple picking, cooking pumpkin and squash, or watching football, autumn is an exciting time for all. One of the best parts about the fall season is celebrating Halloween! People of all ages get to dress up in any way they choose, children go trick-or-treating and everyone is able to take part in all kinds of parades, contests, and Halloween fun. The most popular way to celebrate the holiday is to throw a party.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, having a costume party is a great way to get together with friends, family, and have a spooktacular time! Plus, FLOMO has all the supplies to fuel a flawless celebration, removing any stress and replacing it with excitement. One-stop shopping at your local discount or chain store makes gathering goodies a breeze, so get ready for FLOMO to tell you some of our best tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect Monster Mash!

Getting Started
    It's important to invite your guests at least three weeks in advance in order to ensure they do not make any other plans on the date of your party. Also, it’s always good to make your invitation memorable. Filling out FLOMO’s Halloween polka dot invitations and pairing them with a matching treat box filled with plastic spiders and worms is an easy way to show your friends and family that you really want them to attend your party. If you’re not interested in hand delivering the treat boxes, use them as favors at the end of the party and just send the invite through the mail, which doubles as a postcard.
Item# HW368

The First Impression: Decorating Outdoors
    Front porch, yard, or balcony design sets the mood for the Halloween party. Fun, creative, and a bit scary décor prepares guests for the fabulous time they’re about to enter. Also, with a few tweaks, the decorations can remain up throughout the entire Halloween season. First, lets spook out the yard:
  • In order to make your party easy to locate, display one of FLOMO’s yard signs in front that reads “Party’s in Progress, Bring Your Own Boos!”. Surround the sign and the rest of your grass space with tombstones, creating a makeshift graveyard. Scatter skeletons around as well to give your guests illusion that they’re stepping on real bones and graves. How frightening!

Item# HW368

Item# HW368
  • Next, Place fabric cobwebs over shrubs, trees, and other plants. Spiders are included, creating a fake bug infestation! 
Item# HW255
  • A final step to spice up your yard space is to use Halloween themed leaf bags. Not only are they decorative, but also functional for storing gathered leaves.
  • Now, lets move onto the door. First, surround the front door with decorative garland. Fun and festive pumpkins, witches, and ghosts instantly draw in attention.
Item# HW184

  • Then, hang up a Halloween door sign. FLOMO carries a sparkly witch boot that reads “Beware.” This adds some more color and flair without being too overwhelming. 
  • Also, place a wooden sign on the door handle, which is an unexpected way to expand your Halloween decorations. Fun designs like FLOMO’s Happy Halloween ghost or trick-or-treat pumpkin really add to the festive fun.
  • Finally, place signs or cutouts on the home’s siding around the windows and doors. It’s good to look for bright colors that are easy to see during the day and night. Cats, pumpkins, ghosts and witches never go out of style, so use can save them for next year!
Item # HW165

Jaw-Dropping Indoor Decorations
Guests will spend the most time inside the home, so it’s important to decorate this space to its fullest! Whether you live in a mansion or a one-bedroom apartment, here are some great ideas to dress up your entranceway or living room, starting with the walls and ceiling:
  • When your friends and family first walk in, have a little scene set up to spook them right away. To do so, drape some creepy cloth web right in front the doorway in a manner that your guests have to push it to the side to get through. Then, place two giant furry spiders crawling on the web. Finally in the center of the door, hang a flying ghost. Talk about making a grand entrance!
Item # HW267
  •  As for the rest of the home, decorate the walls with Halloween banners, cobwebs in the corners, and character cutouts like a giant skeleton. 
  • From the ceiling, hang pumpkin, witch and spider lanterns sparingly. Vary the height from which you hang them for a modern twist.
  • For a final touch, stick on some gel, sparkly, or glow in the dark window decorations. These double as outdoor decorations too since they display the photo on both sides!
To decorate other areas of the house:
  • Cover coffee tables with either orange or black tablecloths. Place several mini and regular sized pumpkin buckets and mini cauldrons on each filled with candy corn or other Halloween sweets. On the tables you don’t place these, set up groups of candles of various sizes and designs, just make sure to tell your guests to be careful around them!
  • In addition, scatter costume accessories around like witch hats, masks, and wands for your guests to hold while dancing or to add to their costumes and take home as favors.
  • Also if you have any stairs, either leading to your home or indoors, wrap festive garland or ribbon around the banisters for some added flair.
Item # WR570
  • Finally, the perfect lighting for the party is the placement of several Halloween strobe lights throughout the party. It gives everything an eerie, slow motion appearance. Play some of your favorite Halloween hits in the background for some festive dancing music too! 
 Item # HW269

Feed Your Zombies: Setting the Table
The last aspect of the party is food and how you present it. With FLOMO partyware, setting the perfect Halloween table is a piece of ghouls and goblin cake by following these steps:
  1. Lay out an orange tablecloth on your main dining table. Then place a folded purple tablecloth down the center of the table to be used as a runner.
  2. Then, set up FLOMO’s matching Halloween polka dot plates (9inch for dinner, 7inch for dessert,) dinner and dessert napkins, cups, and purple cutlery to your liking.
  3. In the center of the table on top of the runner, place your centerpiece, a cascading pumpkin decoration. On each side, place a candy corn, haunted house, and tombstone tray filled with the food you are serving. As for beverages, cover the labels of traditional Water, Coke, and Sprite with spooky bottle labels such as… item #HW379.
  4. In addition to traditional Halloween candy, cupcakes are an easy to make, serve, and eat dessert. Use FLOMO’s bats and cats, skeletons, or polka dots baking cups to fully expand the Halloween theme.

Item # PW7861, PW7862, PF318, TC315

See how easy throwing a Halloween Party can be with a little help from FLOMO products! Brew these steps with great guests, costumes, and an eerie evening to make the perfect recipe for a spooktacular Monster Mash! From all of us at FLOMO, we wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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