Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring in the Holiday with Fall Decor

It is now time to stock up on fall décor from FLOMO. We have a splendid variety of fall and Thanksgiving decorations that will be sure to excite shoppers ready to bring the holiday spirit into their homes.

Right now, at FLOMO, stocking your shelves with our Harvest paper plates is essential for the festive and quaint feel shoppers are looking for this fall. Available in packs of 8, these 7-inch plates are perfect for all occasions whether it is at home or school parties, they are even elegant enough for Thanksgiving Day.

No holiday is complete without a candle lit dinner party and for a little extra light brought into the home. FLOMO carries three different candleholder varieties to choose from. Each one as cute and welcoming as the next, all three styles match one another so shoppers will be sure to pick up all three up for their next gathering.

Next on the list has to be FLOMO's hanging pumpkin decorations. The ceramic pumpkins have been carved out on the side and in one sits a native-American woman and the other a pilgrim man ready for the thanksgiving season. These are sure to fly off the shelves as they are versatile to hang about anywhere and match about any décor shoppers will be displaying around their get-togethers.

FLOMO¹s complete list of fall and thanksgiving décor products can be found on our website at www.flomousa.com or can be found in our fall catalog.

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