Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back-to-School Style Guide by FLOMO

          While the summer months quickly come, it’s time to pack up the bathing suits, swimming pool accessories, and beach toys to get ready for school! The back to school season is both an exciting and busy time for students, parents, and teachers. No matter what grade a child is entering, purchasing the proper supplies is an important part of preparing for the year ahead. Luckily, FLOMO has a wide variety of materials perfect for any type of student. Girly-girls, athletes, artists, and even traditional scholars will be amazed with all the stationery, writing utensils, and accessories available to please their unique styles. With so much to choose from, FLOMO will make back to school shopping for even the pickiest of pupils a breeze!

The Preppy Fashionista

          The preppy fashionista always knows of the latest styles and is first to have her hands on them all. She looks for the best of the best, and won’t have anything less, even when it comes to school supplies. Fortunately for our chic star, FLOMO carries the most up to date materials in the hottest patterns. Each piece is sure to coordinate flawlessly with any outfit! Straight from the pages of Vogue magazine, here is a list of FLOMO’s suggested products sure to please even the fussiest of girly-girls:

    * Funky Floral pencils HMK1113D
    * Petite Neon gel pens MG2123 (their clasp makes them perfect for on the go!)
    * Eco-Friendly bright erasers MG2887 (going green is all the rage at school, home, and the office!)
    * Flower Power sharpeners RS-MSK204
    * Classy Binder Pouch MG2901D
    * Chic Composition notebook NH-HMK7501, MG2677
    * Folders full of flair MG2732D, MG2737D

The Non-Stop Jock

          From the sports field to the classroom, the non-stop jock is always ready to go! This world-renowned team player is dedicated to anything he does and those he does it with. This athlete can be inspired with a set of sports themed school supplies. Soccer, football, and baseball players have an assortment to choose from to suit their individual athletic preferences. Gear up and take a look at FLOMO’s sporty school supplies starting line-up:

    * Lightening fast retractable pens MG2623
    * Game ball sharpeners MG2810
    * Game gear erasers MG2809
    * Durable calculator MG2740
    * #1 Athletic ball stapler MG2812
    * Ready to play highlighters MG2795
    * Sports ball dry erase board (perfect for keeping track of upcoming games) MG2811
    * Active composition notebooks NH-HMK7502
    * Folders in trophy worthy patterns MG2734D

The Innovational Artist

          An innovational artist is constantly thinking, planning, and doing. Coming up with new ideas and creations is never easy, but the challenge excites every young visionary. Whether it is through painting, drawing, or sculpting, artists have the ability to transform something simple into a masterpiece, even when tackling schoolwork. Luckily, FLOMO provides every creator with the flawless supplies to help them excel in their studies. At your local art show, you’ll find crafts that were constructed using some of the following materials:

    * Precise mechanical pencils MG2763
    * Adhesive glue sticks MG2612
    * Stainless steel scissors MG2772
    * Easy to use colored Eco-Erasers MG2888
    * Vibrant bold markers MG2835
    * Sharp colored pencils PE-MG724
    * Crayons MG2756
    * Malleable molding clay MG2859D
    * Craft sticks (these have endless possibilities when it comes to school projects!) MG2883
    * Doodle pad (96 sheets of available for creativity!) NH-MG2657
    * Cork board to display one’s creations MG2855
    * Scrapbook NH-MG2668
    * Roomy folder and portfolio MG2735D, MG2736D

The Traditional Scholar

          Not everyone has a particular style, such as the traditional scholar. This pupil enjoys keeping things simple, avoiding the fancy patterns and state of the art designs. FLOMO carries all the reliable classics mom and dad grew up using, suitable for this type of student. Functional and convenient, the traditional scholar has everything he or she needs to succeed. FLOMO provides an abundance of products to satisfy, including:

    * Yellow pencils MG725
    * Blue and black ball point pens MG2768
    * Standard sharpeners MG2710
    * Wooden rulers MG1535
    * Basic scientific calculator MGV123
    * The original Eco-Eraser MG2822
    * Black and white marble composition notebooks MG2671
    * 3 subject notebooks MGV2770
    * Folders MG2727D
    * 1” sturdy binder MX0180

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