Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage FLOMO Pencil Case

FLOMO products are always trendy. Check out what was hot back in the 1980's.


Macoto17 said...

I really wish Flomo vintage products comes back...I really like Flomo's magnetic pencil cases that have japanese manga pictures on it.

aldine said...

hi flomo! can u sell these again? i'm from the philippines and i'd like to buy this pencil case online. please notify me.
thank you

FLOMO/Nygala Corp said...

We love how people collect our vintage brand products. We are moving with the times and are always creating what is new, popular, useful, and great selling.

If you check out and you may be able to find many types of our vintage products for sale on there. We wish we had extra to give you, but unfortunately these are all sold out. Thanks for messaging us. We appreciate and value your comments.

mariam86 said...

Hi FLOMO! i´ve been searching for a vintage magnetic pencil box that has shamu from sea world in it.
it was pink and there were large pencil boxes and i´ve seen them small too, but i guess they doesn´t exist anymore??