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Get the Graduation Party Started with a Little Help from FLOMO

has everything you need for Graduation Season!

It’s getting closer and closer to graduation time. The season where families get to show their pride and celebrate scholars who have worked and studied so hard. One of the most popular ways consumers like to commemorate is with Graduation parties and FLOMO knows all about the must-haves that top the list of supplies.

#1 Invitations

Mailing festive invites will easily help get the word out about the upcoming celebration. We suggest ones with colorful and exciting designs to help catch the eye of the recipient and get them in the partying mood.

ITEM # CA662

#2 Signs
Graduation signs in front of the house don’t just make it easy to find the party but it’s also part of the tradition of welcoming home a new grad and announcing to the neighborhood that they’ve made it! Signs you stick in the ground are also great for holding balloons. Full-length door cover signs have become trendy. You can even get crafty with your door covers by sticking on gift bows, ribbon, and other decorations right onto it.

ITEM # GD271


ITEM # GD269

#3 Party Favors

Graduation parties are always fun so who wouldn’t love bringing home a small token to help remember it by? Party favors are fun accessories to scatter around the tables or hand to your guests before they leave. We suggest small ceramics that anyone could appreciate or even handy memo pads. If you are going to give away some small goodies or cookies, cello bags with twist ties are a great way to wrap them for easy giving.

ITEM # GD004

ITEM # GT1602

ITEM # CB511

#4 Tableware

Dress up your tables with affordable plastic cutlery and table covers! Tableware makes for a convenient and easy-to-clean party, as well as a more festive atmosphere. For a more graduation theme feel, we recommend choosing colors like gold, silver, black, blue, white, and/or the grad’s school colors. Out of all the cutlery you get, make sure you have enough forks for all that special cake that’ll be going around! Also, adding a table skirt to your table covers will make the tables look a little fancier and nicer for picture-taking moments.

ITEM # TC317

ITEM # PF817

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