Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Christmas Flower Must-Have for Your Retail Store

Even in the dead of winter, Poinsettias are colorful and full of life. It’s no wonder they’re the most popular flower during the winter/Christmas season. You can be sure to pass rows of them in the snow, blooming on front porches, under Christmas trees, and arranged in homes for holiday spirit. Artificial poinsettias are a must have!

When it comes to supplying the very best selection and helping your customers to find great ways to use them, here are some useful tips so you can be the poinsettia retail expert in your area.

Ways customers use Poinsettia bushes and picks:

· Stick some long stem poinsettias in the ground along a house or entryway for a beautiful winter garden look without all that hard work. Glittery assortments will glisten with the snow giving an exquisite appearance.

· Companies large and small use flowers to decorate around offices and public spaces during the holidays.

· Picks and bushes can be inserted in hollow parts of a Christmas tree to give it a fuller and even more beautiful appearance. It’s a special trick you just have to try!

· Strategically stick or glue in some poinsettia flower heads in a homemade wreath.

How to choose the best Poinsettias:

· Look for high quality textures like satin and velvet for an authentic and luxurious look.

· Make sure you’re loaded with the most popular colors: burgundy, red, white

· Choose right so you and the customer get more bang for your buck. Some suppliers skimp on the amount of flower heads on one bush. Go with the wholesaler that’s going to give you the most out of your inventory. When a customer is faced with choosing a bush with more or less flower heads, they are usually going to go with the one with more.

· To have the best selection of Christmas flowers in town, have basic and unique choices. Matching greenery and branches are the perfect accessory to any arrangement. Special effects on flowers, like glitter, metallic finishes, fake sparkly snow, berries, and hand-wrapped stems will make your assortment become a true “find” for any consumer.

It’s getting even closer to the winter holiday season so schedule your delivery for Christmas flowers before stocks run out!

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