Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Secret is Out…
Customers Love FLOMO

FLOMO takes pride and good care to make sure to offer the highest quality merchandise for the lowest prices possible. But you don’t have to just take our word for it! Stores and people who use FLOMO become customers for life simply because our service gives them the results they’re looking for.

Check out some of the things our customers have had to say:

“FLOMO has such a broad line of products with extremely good quality and they are always developing new ones. I would say that anyone who is not using them is making a tremendous mistake. Delivery time is outstanding. As soon as they get the orders, they come right away. They are probably the best with time management in their shipments. No one ships as fast as FLOMO. The packaging is good and the quality is great. They dominate the industry in their categories and price points. The other day we had a lady who thought that FLOMO was our private label. You can tell by the amount of orders and reorders, they know FLOMO here. FLOMO just keeps getting bigger and better that no one even comes close.”
Ron Duffin
Duffin Dollar Inc. Memphis, TN

“FLOMO has good products, a very good service, and good people. The merchandise quality is better than other people and they are very good in the floral industry. During Christmas time they are the best and I would tell people not to go anywhere else.”
Mohammed Yousuf
Bloomfield Discount

“We always appreciate the help FLOMO gives to us. The quality of the products is 100%. Sometimes we receive shipments before time. We come to the showroom and we’re treated like we are in our house, especially when Angela takes care of us.”
Owner of Depot Stores
Dollar Image Inc.

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